Wednesday, January 06, 2010


There seem to be a lot of Christophobics (people who fear Christians) out there. They believe Christians should go to the church, sit in their pews, listen to the preacher preach (nice things of course) and go home, making no attempt to do what Christians are called to do – be light and salt (Mt 5:13-16). They think any attempt to carry out the Great Commission (Mt 28:18-20) should be a crime. Anyone who desires to be a leader should take an oath not to allow any “religious” (read Christian) values cloud his decisions. This could become a reality if “We the people” elect leaders who cater to the sinful nature of man and popular opinion. If the Bible is true, Christians have the responsibility and fortunately the right (so far) to spread that Truth with love (Eph. 4:14-16). Christophobics like to portray Christians as “intolerant” or “hateful”.

Christians are called to love people enough to let them know that they may be making decisions with eternal consequences; doing this while respecting the right of others to chose. What is really expected of those who profess to believe the two greatest commandments - love God and love your neighbor (Mt.22:37-40)? When Christians vote there are some issues that they should consider more important than healthcare, social security, the economy, and the war in Iraq. A righteous government exists to promote good and restrain evil (Ro. 13:1-7). Whether we like it or not, government determines morality. Some issues “Christians” should consider are: Godly morals and values, what our children learn in school, marriage, family, God’s law vs. man’s law, and sanctity of human life. Is it possible that God holds Christians responsible to elect leaders who stand for His values? What if the Bible is true? I find it interesting that Adolf Hitler proposed two official slogans, "Politics do not belong in the church." and "The church must be separate from the state." (Ref. "The Nazi Persecution of the Churches, 1933-1945, by John S. Conway)
The Real Issues (Satire)
Vote for: The best debater – the war on terror will be won at the debating table. Vote for: Whoever will provide everything at no cost or sacrifice to you – health care, education, housing, euthanasia, etc. – should we be responsible for our own welfare? Vote for: The one who will increase tax on those who work hard and sacrifice to develop and own a business – no businesses - fewer jobs; we would not have to work. Vote for: The one who will protect your “rights” to – pornography, marriage (group, polygamy, gay), internet porn, violent and intense sexual TV, abortion on demand (paid for), and abortion without parental consent for teens. Vote for: The one who will make sure we are all tolerant and accepting of whatever anyone wants to do - after all there is no absolute truth or right or wrong. Vote for: The one who will protect us from – the Ten Commandments, public prayer, right wing conspiracies, Christians and the Bible. Vote for: The one who will relieve you of responsibility – the government knows best concerning raising children, education, etc. Vote for: The one who will appoint judges who will make the law and interpret the Constitution - congress or the people are not capable. Vote for: The one who will verify everything at a UN, world summit, or public opinion poll - we can’t trust the CIA, FBI, Foreign Intelligence, mass graves, or testimonies of those tortured. Vote for: The one who will make no errors in judgment whose decisions are always correct. Vote for: The one who understands Christophobia (fear of Christians) and will protect us from all the false teachings of the Bible. It was the best of times - it was the worst of times...and “We” the people voted. What if the Bible is true?

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