Friday, July 22, 2005

Wake Up Church!

What I have written below may be considered by some to be extreme or provocative. If you are offended I ask your forgiveness but I feel that the time is short - that we must decide very soon whom we will serve - The Lord God or Baal.
I am requesting that you give your church leaders a copy of this. I pray that the Lord will have mercy on us and provide a window of opportunity!
Please do not be offended. As I sit here I feel so strongly that we who call ourselves followers of Jesus Christ have been playing games for to long inside the walls of our comfortable churches. We are commanded by scripture to be light and salt to the world - yet all around us perversion is happening (homosexuality, gambling, abortion, indoctrination of our youth, violence, child abuse, etc) and we seem to be silent and non committal (like an ostrich with its head in the sand) - are we afraid of losing our IRS status or how others may react? Are we so concerned with our "religion and our own earthly welfare and our denominations and our "church building" and with pleasing of man and our own selfish ambition that we have come to the place where we are no longer effective as light and salt. Are we serving God or man? Body of Christ wake up! Casino gambling and the lottery is about to take over our country, Christian Schools are struggling to survive, drugs are all around us, homosexuality is rampant, child abuse, abortion and pornography are everywhere. We need to preach the gospel of salvation and repentance with the love of Christ to the LOST - we will not be judged for whether or not they listen and we have not been called to force anyone - but we must SHOUT the message and warn them! Yet, to my knowledge, very few in the Body of Christ seem to care - no letters to the editor, no ads, no unity to combat evil - Brothers and sisters, WE ARE IT! WE HAVE BEEN CALLED! WE ARE TO BE THE LIGHT AND THE SALT! WE ARE THE "ROYAL PRIESTHOOD"! HIS WITNESSES! THE PEOPLE CALLED BY HIS NAME! I have been studying Jeremiah - take a look at Chapter 1 and 7 and ask yourself - has God changed - will He somehow wink His eye as we play church? I fear that we will be held responsible - for we are the called out ones! I sense so urgently that it is imperative that we stand up for righteousness NOW or we and all around us will "weep what we have sown!" If any of you have the same feelings please let me know. Perhaps we can become part of John 17:23! If not us who? If not now when?
Jesus did not start a denomination or a church – He said we should follow Him. Are we?